Russell Radio

Russell Radio is a voluntary organisation which is based in Russell in the Bay of Islands of New Zealand.

When you call Russell Radio on channel 63, you will be speaking to one of our dedicated volunteers:

Richard Pettigrew, Trish Keith, Gary Morris, Guy Regales, Mark Nixon, Sandra Eagan or Stewart Irvine.

An AGM is held every year in November, at the 2013 AGM, the following committee was duly elected:

Richard Pettigrew (President), Ros Gebbie (Secretary), Keith Turner, Sally McCauley, Eldon Jackson, Graeme Whiteman, Rolf Bluhm, Warren Millar and Steve Western.

Located in the top half of the North Island Russell Radio has served locals and offshore vessels since it was started by a small band of local fishermen shortly after the war.


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09.00 and 09.30

13.30 and 17.50

Weather Reports Daily on

VHF Channel 63:

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“Channel 63 – The Place to Be”